Semesta Art Mint
3003 ERC-721

Whitelist 0.007 ETH
Public 0.01 ETH


3003 Goddess

The 707 Genesis Project NFT created as the beginning of creations and conceptual celebration of nusantara’s cultural art and heritages researches. Our team in Lentera Nusantara develop high-level movie and game IP concepts into scalable worlds wherein a multitude of meaningful moments can unfold over all modern media channels.
This exclusive Genesis 707 series art community will receive an exclusive opportunity to access the creation journey towards our future metaverse content. Using an innovative 360° approach to creative development, the future release arts and projects are equipped for lateral movement into any medium under the sun – from games to merchandising.

The NFT Mint Date/time will be annouced shortly expected early March. 707 NFT Can only be minted on Our team will never ask you for money or send link in DM. Be safe at all time.